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Bugoni's Serious Steak Seasoning

Bugoin's Steak Seasoning on the Pellet Grill

I recently decided that our selection of BBQ seasoning and rubs needed to be refreshed.  In looking around a bit, I discovered Bugoni’s Spices, and decided to give their Superior Steak Seasoning a try.  Now, I am sure you are perceptive enough to see that the above photo is actually chicken!  When I opened my Bugoni’s Steak Seasoning and gave it a sniff, I decided it smelled like it would also be delicious on chicken…

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Kale Chips

Kale Boquet

The kale is flourishing in the garden this year.


If you are like some of our kids, then you may not appreciate kale in a cooked vegetable side dish sort of way.  So, we have found the following ways that even they can enjoy kale:

1. A bouquet, as photographed above, accentuated with a flower...one of the kale non-appreciators is a girl.

2. A smoothie. For some reason kale smoothies are trending right now....one of the kale non-appreciators is a teenager.

3. And our recipe for today… Kale chips on the Kuma grill!

 We made these last night, and they got the stamp of approval from everyone in the family- including the non-appreciators

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Celebrating Made In America Day


A couple months ago, my family took a trip to the East Coast to visit some of America’s historical sites.  This is a picture taken from the Lincoln Memorial looking toward the Washington Monument.

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Grass Grazed Grill Glazed Meatloaf

Locally raised meatloaf

I have been purchasing hay from Twin Lakes Farm for years now, and have recently been happy to learn that they now offer high quality beef for sale as well.  I decided to put this package of 90% lean ground sirloin to use with a simple meatloaf recipe on our Kuma Pellet Grill. 

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Firecracker Burgers and Kaboom Kebabs

Kaboom Kebabs

Here are a couple festive and fun recipes for the Fourth of July holiday on your Kuma grill. Spicy and tender Firecracker Burgers that grill up quickly and beautifully. (And they really do have fire and crackers!) and Kaboom Kebabs!  A fun spin on kebabs that are reminiscent of a Fourth of July night sky!

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Grind, Grocery, Grill

grind grocery grilling

Feel like grilling tonight, but didn’t plan ahead?  Here’s a fast, easy, and delicious meal on the grill that you can grab the ingredients for in a flash on the way home from “the daily grind” and have your meal ready to eat in under half an hour.



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Asian Salmon and Asparagus

Asian Salmon

This recipe is one of my oldest recipes and the recipe that hooked me on wood-fired cooking. I remember the first time I had it I had just graduated from college, single, broke and had just gone to work for my cousin at his real estate brokerage. After work one day he invited me over and made this salmon for me (otherwise it was another Top Ramen and Peanut Butter Sandwich for me).

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Frozen Food On The Grill


Take these foods from frozen to wood cooked delicious with the push of a button on your Kuma Pellet Grill anytime you want something a little special and a lot easy.

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Hasselback Chicken Breast

grilling hasselback chicken

This recipe is a simple, quick, healthy family meal that can be cooked and prepared in about 1 hour without a lot of mess in the kitchen. It works great for a family that wants to have a delicious and nutritious meal but has a full calendar on the weekdays.

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Reverse Sear Filet Mignon

reverse seared filet mignon

The ability to do a true reverse sear is one of, if not the best feature of the Kuma Wood Fired Grill. A reverse sear involves cooking/smoking the steak before searing giving you that steakhouse flavor at home. This recipe is one for the books, whether you’re in the doghouse with your significant other or trying to woo a potential love interest, this recipe is sure to be a home run.  This meal was accompanied with Yukon gold potato roses, asparagus and a Diane sauce.

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