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Kuma Family Story

President Mark Freeman tells the story of how he started and what Kuma is commited to.

Why a Kuma Stove

This video highlights what makes Kuma the best value in wood heating.

Applewood Cooking

This video demonstrates the multiple cooking options with the Kuma Applewood cook stove.

LE Series Baffle Removal

Removing the baffle will make it easy to clean your chimney. Leave The Catalytic in place for cleaning

Service Your Stove Door

Learn how to replace gaskets and glass, as well as get tips on cleaning an refinishing.

Replacing Catalytic Gasket

If you remove your catalytic, get a new gasket kit and watch this video.

Oil Control Overview

Learn the basics of the oil control valve on all Kuma oil stoves.

Kuma Snow Destroyer

How to install the universal snow divider from Kuma Stoves.

Cleaning The Catalyst

Leave your catalyst in place whiile cleaning. Use a 2" paint brush and a can of dusting air.

How To Empty Ashes

Follow these instructions to safely remove ashes from your stove.