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Back in 1981, with a welder and an old pick-up truck, Mark's Custom Stoves was founded. In those early days, that pick-up was the work table, the paint booth, and the delivery truck. Each stove was its own masterpiece, with hand-cut parts and ornate hand-crafted door frames. Today, we use industry-leading CAD design, computer-controlled cutting and bending, and high quality cast iron door frames. We may not use trucks for work tables anymore, but we've never changed our commitment. We still use the highest quality USA made materials and we still weld stoves and inserts together with one skilled craftsman, start to finish, just like the early days.

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Kuma Stoves and Inserts are available at over 200 retail stores nationwide. Your local dealer can assist you with choosing the right stove for your home and support your project with high-quality venting products, hearth pads, and installation services. Visit your local dealer today and ask for Kuma, the brand with the best warranty!

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