Bugoni's Seasoning

I recently decided that our selection of BBQ seasoning and rubs needed to be refreshed.  In looking around a bit, I discovered Bugoni’s Spices, and decided to give their Superior Steak Seasoning a try.  Now, I am sure you are perceptive enough to see that the above photo is actually chicken!  When I opened my Bugoni’s Steak Seasoning and gave it a sniff, I decided it smelled like it would also be delicious on chicken…

Bugoni's Steak Seasoning

Here are the three reasons I decided to give Bugoni’s a try:

  1. They are a local Northwest company, hailing from Missoula, Montana… about 3 hours from the Kuma factory.
  2. The ingredient list was unique, including a couple things non-typical (like horseradish root), and a couple things I’d never even heard of (like Cubeb berries)
  3. Perhaps most important, this seasoning blend contains no sugar.  Rubs and sauces with sugar in them tend to be more prone to burning, so this blend is more versatile for different cook temps/plans…. So we decided to cook our chicken hot! 

Bugoni's on Chicken

We patted the chicken dry, put a little olive oil on it, and sprinkled generously with Bugoni’s Superior Steak Seasoning.

Bugoni's and Kuma

We got the pellet grill hot- 415 degrees, and cooked the chicken for 40 minutes.

Juicy Chicken on the Kuma pellet grill

We cooked thighs and boneless breast.  Even the breast came out extremely juicy.  I think it liked being cooked hot over indirect heat with no danger of being singed, thanks to Bugoni’s sugar-free seasoning. This stuff is peppery and unique. Really, I thought it was perfect for transforming the white meat into the right meat. It was a delicious chicken dinner, spiced so nice!  Thanks, Bugoni’s, for the unique, local product! Try Bugoni’s yourself...maybe even on steak instead of chicken. I recommend it- and I recommend checking out the site that I found it on: https://greatordie.com/