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The Most Efficient Stove On The Planet?


Yep, It's True. Kuma, a small family owned company from Northern Idaho has officially certified the most efficient cord wood stove on the planet. The K-180 series includes the following models and is certified at 81% HHV efficiency: Aspen LE, Tamarack LE, Aberdeen LE and Alpine LE. Now you might think we would need to use a bunch of fineprint to qualify our statement but there is no need. In fact, we will use some large print to lay out the details...

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What is HHV and LHV Efficiency?

HHV Efficiency

When researching wood stove efficiencies, you are likely going to be confused by the different methods that are used to calulate these efficiencies. It can be frustrating but this presentation should clear up any confusion and get you the right information when you are shopping for wood stoves.

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Kuma Qualifies! - Claim Your Tax Credit

Tax Credit Qualified

It's back! A federal tax credit for the purchase and installation of a high efficient wood stove is available through December 31, 2020. Just make sure you invest in a high efficiency heater like Kuma's new line of low emission wood stoves.

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Home is Where The Hearth is.

Home is where the hearth is - Wood Stoves
"Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically"?  Too often, I am finding myself sitting on the couch connected to Wi-Fi browsing the latest news stories that Google tells me I want to read. All the while I have a beautiful crackling fire on the hearth...

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Do Hot Fires Always Burn Cleaner?

Hybrid Burn w/ wood stove

The easiest way to clean up a wood fire is to burn it hot, so many manufacturer's use thermal combustion (hot secondary combustion) to make their stoves burn clean.  The problem is...

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Why Efficiency Is So Important

Hauling Wood to a wood stove

Over the life of a stove (let's say 15 years for example) Investing in Kuma's efficient Hybrid Technology would save you nearly $2,000 in fuel costs, which is equal to 23,000 lbs of wood that you do not need to chop, stack and haul into the house. 

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A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

wood stove shed 01

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, or until the end of March or so, after its kept you warm all winter! (It’s been quite a few years since my woodshed has had only firewood in it.  Or wait, it looks like something non-firewood snuck in there before I snapped this picture! Do you see her?  That’s Sapper! I don’t know about you, but I consider firewood a thing of beauty.  I like to snap pictures of anybody and everybody’s firewood store, whether it be a pile in process, a neatly tarped stack, a sturdy shed full, or a convenient porch stash.

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