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How Chimney Draft Affects Your Wood Stove's Performance

How often do you reflect on how well your chimney pipe is drafting while you are enjoying a nice fire in your wood stove? Do you sit back in your chair, ignoring the crackling fire, and say to yourself, "that is such a beautiful black pipe that is creating the perfect fire!" When we are having problems with our wood stove puffing smoke into the house we naturally think, "there is something wrong with my stove!" when the stove is literally the farthest thing from the problem....why the farthest thing? Because most often it is the chimney cap at the very end of the system that is plugged causing the problem. Make sure that you cap is clean and read on for more ways that draft affects your wood stove's performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Technology

As you read through our literature you will find that we refer to the burn system in a Kuma stove as a hybrid burn system. So what does that mean? Our stoves combine 2 distinct burn systems into the firebox each with their own unique advantages. The first is the thermal combustion system (burn tubes). Burn tubes work great at temperatures above 1000° delivering secondary combustion air to incinerate most of the smoke. The second is the catalytic combustor system which lowers the temperature at which wood smoke will burn down to 500° so on medium and low burn rates, hybrid stoves will continue to burn super clean and efficient. Our entire line of low emission hybrid stoves and inserts comply with EPA 2020 requirements and qualify for the 26% Federal Tax Credit.

Read on for some frequently asked questions about hybrid wood stoves...

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The Most Efficient Stove On The Planet?

Yep, It's True. Kuma, a small family owned company from Northern Idaho has officially certified the most efficient cord wood stove on the planet. The K-180 series includes the following models and is certified at 81% HHV efficiency: Aspen LE, Tamarack LE, Aberdeen LE and Alpine LE. Now you might think we would need to use a bunch of fineprint to qualify our statement but there is no need. In fact, we will use some large print to lay out the details...

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What is HHV and LHV Efficiency?

HHV Efficiency

When researching wood stove efficiencies, you are likely going to be confused by the different methods that are used to calulate these efficiencies. It can be frustrating but this presentation should clear up any confusion and get you the right information when you are shopping for wood stoves.

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Kuma Qualifies! - Claim Your Tax Credit

Tax Credit Qualified

It's back! A federal tax credit for the purchase and installation of a high efficient wood stove is available through December 31, 2020. Just make sure you invest in a high efficiency heater like Kuma's new line of low emission wood stoves.

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Home is Where The Hearth is.

Home is where the hearth is - Wood Stoves
"Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically"?  Too often, I am finding myself sitting on the couch connected to Wi-Fi browsing the latest news stories that Google tells me I want to read. All the while I have a beautiful crackling fire on the hearth...

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