Smoked Salmon Candy on the Kuma Grill

You see tons of recipes online for smoked salmon but very little for smoked steelhead. I adapted this recipe for Salmon and it must have worked because my 7 year old said it was "A thousand times amazing!".  The recipe is from memeber MikeMcQ (you can see it here:

 I have to agree with my daughter, this did turn out very good: sweet and not too salty with a little bit of a garlic bite.  I was a little surprised that dill was in the recipe but it was very subtle and added a nice meaty flavor... dill and maple syrup, who would have thought?  I left the skin on the trout which is a deviation from Mike's recipe but I felt that the trout would have fallen apart witout the skin. The skin actually crisped up very nice and is perfectly edible if you like it.

I like my smoked fish a little on the dry side (a bit like jerky) so I smoked this for 4 hours at 180° and then finished it with the maple glaze at 200° for 2 hours until it reached 160° internal.  We had some of this trout grilled fresh last night on the Kuma grill but if you brine it and slather it in a maple glaze...."A thousand times amazing".