Improvements To Outside Air Kits

Wood stove air kit

Outside air kits allow you to supply fresh air from outside the home directly to a Kuma wood stove or fireplace insert. Although a Kuma Stove will operate just fine by drawing room air, many local building codes will require the installation of a fresh air intake. A fresh air intake for your stove can also help remedy house pressure problems that may be causing your stove to smoke when you open the door. Both the 3" and the 4" outside air kits now come with 8 feet of flexible aluminum duct. Previously the kits contained 4 feet of flex duct. The new kits also now include an adjustable elbow that allows you to make tighter turns than the flexible ducting will allow. This elbow will be most useful when you are supplying fresh air through the wall behind a leg model stove. As always, the kits also include a hooded wall vent, trim ring, start collar, foil tape, and fasteners.

Changes to the Aspen Blower

The aspen blower is now thermostatically controlled to start and stop depending on the temperature of the stove or fireplace insert. Due to the quiet nature of the fan, we also eliminated the variable speed control so that the fan now operates at a constant speed.  When installing an Aspen wood stove blower (KA BL 3) make sure that the thermostat disk on the back of the blower is contacting the face of the stove.  When you switch the blower to the "T" position the blower will obey the thermostat sensor.  When you switch the blower to "M", the blower will run constantly.  All Kuma blower units continue to lead the industry with a 5 year warranty.
Kuma Aspen Stove Blower