Beer can chicken

Step Uno: The Preparation

Get yourself two whole chickens, season salt, some cotton string and a brewski. Optional: lime and cilantro. Clean out the inside of the birds and rinse. Hit 'em inside and out with the season salt. Power up the Kuma to 350° with the Quick Grilling Zone shut. Lock in the upper shelf to the 2nd notch from the top.

Hanging chicken on the Kuma grill

Dos: The "Execution"

Using the cotton string, tie the birds necks to shelf. The 13 loop hangman's noose is not neccesary here...unless you really want to. Position the openings, top and bottom, so that they are as open as possible. This will allow for convection air movemnet through the chicken. For more interesting reading on why this is better see this link:

Beer can chicken on pellet grill

Poke a SMALL hole in the side of the can...

Basting the chicken

...and then center the can the upper shelf, hole pointing down.  This will allow the beer to baste the chickens while they cook.

beer steamed chicken

Tres: The Final Product

With the meat probe stuck into the deepest part of the thigh (w/o touching up against the bone) cook 'em to 165°. Pull the birds, let 'em rest a few minutes then slice into some of the most flavourful and moist meat ever!

Juicy smoked chicken on Kuma Pellet Grill