Tamarack LE-1

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Named for the unique tamarack tree, this stove remains ever loved for the distinct heat characteristics of its steptop surface as well as its time-honored American hearth looks. Wood from the tamarack tree is strong, heavy, and burns as a bright crackling fire - which produces tremendous heat. This Kuma stove is aptly named for it.

  • Wood Length: 16"
  • Firebox Size: 1.8 ft3
  • Burn Time: 9 hours
  • Cordwood BTU's: 63,000
    (29,153 EPA est.)*
  • Efficiency (HHV): 78%
  • Efficiency (LHV): 84%
  • Particulate Emissions: 1.08 g/hr
  • Heating Capacity: 1800 ft2
  • Flue Size: 6"
  • Width: 25-1/8"
  • Height with Legs: 29-3/4"
  • Height with Pedestal: 31-1/4"
  • Depth: 20-5/8"
  • Weight: 375 lbs
  • Classic step top design
  • EPA 2020 certified
  • UL Safety tested
  • Pedestal and ash pan options
  • Variety of leg styles
  • Manufactured home approved
  • Outside air ready
  • Blower option
    • 125 CFM
    • Variable Speed
  • Pewter trim options

* The type of fuel that you load into your stove and how often you load it will affect your stove’s maximum heat output. Using dimensional lumber, this stove will produce an EPA estimated 29,153 BTU’s/Hr. Larger or more frequent loads of cord wood will produce 63,000 BTU’s/Hr. Additionally, a stoves performance will vary depending on wood density, chimney length, home layout, and your home’s insulation value.

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Blower Instructions

If you don't have a local Kuma dealer, consider hiring a certified chimney professional for the installation of your new stove, and be sure to check with your local building officials regarding the necessity for a proper permit and inspection. You can find properly trained installers at nficertified.org or csia.org.

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Eric Stoneberg
Hillsboro, Oregon
We bought this stove late in 2022, built a nice elevated hearth with 18 in. tiles up the wall a bit. Went to get the permit... 10 days out for final inspection. The inspection was today, however 12 inches of snow is on the ground. 'Hey we need to reschedule you'. 'Hey the weather isn't going to be any better over the next few days'. How about using technology? So FaceTime is was, tape measure in hand... all clearances appropriate, chimney pipe good to go. Permit approved this morning and we have been toasty all day. Well built, efficient stove. It will be 16 degrees tonight, cold for this area of the nation. Looking forward to packing the stove for an all night burn! Highly recommend Kuma woodstoves. We will be purchasing an insert for the front room this year, 2023!

LaVeta, Colorado
It is currently 2 below outside. I bought a Tamarack wood stove and had it installed last summer. My house is very comfortable this morning. I loaded the stove last night about 10:30 went to bed got up about 2:30 and threw a couple pieces of wood in it. At 6:30 this morning my house was still warm and had plenty of coals to start a new fire. This wood stove is all I use for heat and has done as well as advertised. Just last week I also purchased a heat powered wood stove fan that sits atop the stove. It is amazing how that little fan helps distribute the heat. All in all I am pleased with the work this stove performs. I have had several wood stoves over the years and this one is superior to the others. Made in America too. Heats my 1600 Sq. Ft. home more than adequately.

Brian Christensen
Siskiyou County, CA
The Reactor
I lit up a round of lodgepole last night for the first time in my new Kuma Tamarack stove. It’s noon the next day and it’s still working on just the second round of lodgepole… This stove is heating a 1000 sq. ft. shop with 12 foot ceilings and a roll up door. Also indirectly heading two other rooms for a total of 1500 sq. ft. This stove is awesome! I installed the blower and it really moves the heat. This stove will choke out the fire and slow roll your burn all night like no other stove I have ever had. No more cold shop in the morning!

Yamhill, Oregon
I agree 100% with Lance's review about this stove being perfect. With regard to price, volume of heat, and wood consumption - we're dang near euphoric. The heat feels... just so organic. the heat permeates the house, raising the temperature of everything, not just a the air nearest the stove. The quality of the workmanship is exceptional. The price simply fantastic. We are happy we bought this stove.

Lapine Oregon
Tamarack wood stove

I bought the Tamarack wood stove and had it installed on Friday. We live in a cold climate with lots of snow and frigid cold weather. Even on May 6th, the morning temperature was 25 degrees. I lit the stove for the first time on Friday night and was amazed. It was a little harder to start a fire than my old stove but once the fire got established, took off, came up to temperature, and reached the active range on the thermometer, I shut it down, leaving the bottom air intake rod open about an inch. The fire slowed way down and generated a ton of heat. I love this stove. It burns way less wood than my old one. About 5 pieces a day. If anyone is hesitant on buying one, I'm telling you it's a great stove. It lasts all night and has coals in the morning to start the next fire. Glad I bought it.