Yep, It's True. Kuma, a small family owned company from Northern Idaho has officially certified the most efficient cord wood stove on the planet. The K-180 series includes the following models and is certified at 81% HHV efficiency: Aspen LE, Tamarack LE, Aberdeen LE and Alpine LE. Now you might think we would need to use a bunch of fineprint to qualify our statement but there is no need. In fact, we will use some large print to lay out the details...

81% HHV Efficiency.

Don't be tricked by anyone advertising a lower heat value (LHV) efficiency. Always ask to see higher heat value (HHV) efficiency:

HHV Table

If you would like a more in-depth explanation of the differences between LHV and HHV efficiency, check out this post.

Cordwood Tested.

cord wood

We have tested our stoves using the same real pieces of cordwood that you will be using in your stove. Some manufacturers elect to test with what is called "crib fuel". Crib fuel is dimensional lumber that does not represent the fuel that you will be using: Think Jenga blocks:



The EPA Woodstove Database catalogs every stove that has ever been available for sale in the US Market since the 1980's. It is a deep database that can be sorted by appliance type, fuel type, etc. Follow this link to see the database filtered to wood stoves that are tested using real cordwood and are certified under the new 2020 standards. You will find our entire line of wood stoves currently ranked and #1 and #4 in Overall Efficiency: