Mark Freeman, Kuma Stoves
Happy Birthday Mark, and Happy Autumn to the extended Kuma Family! October 12, is the boss’ birthday.  He grew up on a 90 acre almond farm, his family being part of the network of Blue Diamond growers. Many a day as a youth he spent pruning miles of trees. 
He remembers beating them with a baseball bat so that the nuts would fall at harvest time.  Here’s a recipe in which Mark’s almond heritage and the Kuma Platinum Pellet Grill can come together for a healthy, tasty snack!

Smoked Almonds

smoking almonds

Put a pound of raw almonds on a cookie sheet, big enough that they can be spread out in one layer.  Put them in your Kuma Pellet grill at 190 degrees. Smoke them for 2 ½ hours or so....Homemade smoked almonds- this is gonna be great!

Buttered Almonds

Add 1 or 2 Tablespoons butter...

Smoked Seasoned Almonds On Pellet Grill

... and 1 teaspoon salt and stir until butter is melted and salt is distributed. Increase grill temp to 225 degrees and then cook for an additional hour. That’s it! Now, just let them cool to a delightful toasty crunch and enjoy!

Kuma Grill Smoked Almonds

Lots to love here in this simple, three ingredient recipe for your Kuma Pellet Grill. Beautiful, nutritious and crunchy-delicious! A fall harvest of the heritage crop that’s great for snacking, storing, sharing and, best of all- stuffing in your hunting pack!