Wood Stove Shed 02

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, or until the end of March or so, after its kept you warm all winter (with the help of your American Made Kuma Wood Stove of course)! (It’s been quite a few years since my woodshed has had only firewood in it.  Or wait, it looks like something non-firewood snuck in there before I snapped this picture! Do you see her?  That’s Sapper! I don’t know about you, but I consider firewood a thing of beauty.  I like to snap pictures of anybody and everybody’s firewood store, whether it be a pile in process, a neatly tarped stack, a sturdy shed full, or a convenient porch stash.

wood shed for your stove

Here’s a convenient porch stash of beautiful tamarack, ready and close by for the harshest part of the winter, when you don’t want to go more than a few steps out the door if you don’t have to! It’s October now, and definitely starting to cool down here in the Idaho panhandle.  Whether you buy your firewood or go out and get it yourself, I hope your shed or porch or pile are ready (or close to it) for the cold weather that is coming soon! If you enjoy the beauty of firewood as much as I do, here are some extreme examples of the art and beauty of firewood. Happy, efficient home-heating season to you from the crew at Kuma!

wood stove insert shed