When life gives you kale….

Kale boquet

...make kale chips!

The kale is flourishing in the garden this year.

 If you are like some of our kids, then you may not appreciate kale in a cooked vegetable side dish sort of way.  So, we have found the following ways that even they can enjoy kale:

1. A bouquet, as photographed above, accentuated with a flower...one of the kale non-appreciators is a girl.

2. A smoothie. For some reason kale smoothies are trending right now....one of the kale non-appreciators is a teenager.

3. And our recipe for today… Kale chips on the Kuma grill!

We made these last night, and they got the stamp of approval from everyone in the family- including the non-appreciators.

 These are very easy to make:


Just wash and drain the kale, tear the leafy stuff off the large stems into approximately

 2” pieces.  Drizzle on a bit of olive oil and sprinkle on some salt, and toss/rub the kale till it is evenly coated.  Spread on cookie sheets.


Preheat your Kuma grill to 275 degrees, and place the cookie sheets on the grids.  The kale chips will “hot smoke” at 275 for about 25-30 minutes, or until they are darkened and crispy.


They should look about like this.  Let them cool on the cookie sheet. 


Serve and enjoy!  These are extremely thin and crispy, and they took on the smoke flavor very nicely.  I heard one person, who already was an appreciator, describe them as

 “better than a potato chip”...

That seems a little extreme, but they are certainly healthier. 

Give them a try, and you be the judge.