Feel like grilling tonight, but didn’t plan ahead?  Here’s a fast, easy, and delicious meal on the grill that you can grab the ingredients for in a flash on the way home from “the daily grind” and have your meal ready to eat in under half an hour.

 Here’s the menu:

Montreal Tri-tip Steaks
Mozzerella Mushrooms
Spicy Slaw

 And here’s your shopping list:

Grilling grocery list

Tri-tip, stuffed mushrooms, a bag of cole slaw, and a loaf of bread.  Grab some sour cream and mayo for the cole slaw dressing if you don’t already have those at home.  You will also need some olive oil and your favorite seasoning.

Note: (you can get the tri-tip steaks if they have them, or just get the roast and slice it across the grain about an inch thick)

Here are the simple steps:

Turn on your Kuma pellet grill to Flame Zone 3, with the Quick Grill Zone open of course, and get those grids on their way to rockin’ hot.

While the grill is heating, slice your tri-tip roast into one inch thick steaks, and rub them with some olive oil and seasoning.  We used Montreal Steak seasoning. 

Make your cole slaw dressing by mixing 2T Sour cream, 2T mayo, 1 T lemon juice, and about 1t. Montreal Steak seasoning.  Mix together and toss with the slaw.

Once your grill is hot, hot, hot, you can throw everything on:  Put the steaks right over the quick grill zone, and the stuffed mushrooms and bread can go on an upper rack to heat up

Grind grocery grilling

The steaks will only need about 6-8 minutes total, depending on how hot you let your grids get and how you like your steak.  We went for about 3 minutes, turned them 90 degrees to get some awesome criss-cross sear marks and let them go another couple minutes on the same side.  Then flipped them and gave them 3 more minutes on the other side. 

Once your mushrooms and bread are hot, you are ready to plate up and eat!

tri-tip steaks grilled

So it doesn’t always take tons of prep and time to enjoy a gourmet and delicious meal on the grill.  You don’t have to wait for the weekend to do some serious steaks and easy sides.  Just stop on your way home from the daily grind, grab a few ingredients at the grocery store, and grill tonight!