frozen food

Here’s how: A walk down the frozen food aisle is pretty much all you have to do to prepare.  You won’t find a complicated cook plan here- the hardest part is coordinating the different items: When to put them on the grill and when to take them off so that the meal all comes together. But don’t sweat it (Just chill. It’s frozen food after all…).  We already figured the times out for you.  Just follow the simple “recipe” -which is more of a timeline- and you’ll have a fabulous wood-fired flavored (previously frozen) feast!

 Just use this photo as a visual ingredients/shopping list. (The box in back is a Stouffer’s Family Lasagna) Let’s dig right in and get the hardest part of this operation out of the way: Open the pie box and remove the plastic wrapper. Poke the crust a couple times per the box instructions.  Next, open the lasagna box and loosen the foil topper and fold it into a tent as shown, per the box instructions. Whew!  The hard work is done. It’s all downhill to dinnertime now.

frozen pot pie

Put the lasagna and the pie in the grill. Turn on the grill to 400 degrees. For a 6:00 dinner, we started at 4:15.

frozen brocolli

Now that the pie and lasagna are started, prep the broccoli. We used the Kuma grease drawer foil pans. Put the frozen cheese on top and cover with foil.

smoking lasagna

Forty-five minutes later (5:00), rotate the lasagna and the pie 180 degrees. The lasagna will be thawed enough now that you can insert your meat probe. Set the probe to at least 190.  We are not going to use the auto turn-down feature here… just monitoring.

Also, you now put the broccoli on the grill. 30 minutes after adding the broccoli (which puts us at 5:30), remove the pie and open the grill zone.  After 10 more minutes, remove the lasagna.  By now the internal temp of the lasagna should be over 160°. You are on the home stretch.  Put your Texas toast on!

texas toast

With the grill zone open, toasting Texas toast happens faster than you can Remember the Alamo... so keep an eye on it! 

Texas Toast

We only closed the lid for 3 minutes at a time.  It will be ready to turn after 3-5 minutes.  Remove broccoli and toast.

On the table


That’s it!  Enjoy your lasagna, broccoli, and toast, then play some board games while you wait for your pie to cool (it stays hot for a while). With some frozen foods and a Kuma Pellet Grill, it’s just a matter of timing-  timing putting the food on and taking it off- and you’ll be enjoying an easy and delicious meal!

pie and ice cream