Winter Pellet Grill

It is 27° tonight and dropping, Lets cook some T-bones on the Kuma Grill! Now the difference in flavor between a steak done on a gas grill or a steak done on a pellet grill is minimal. The pellet grill is cooking so efficiently on higher temperatures that you do not get as much smoke flavor. Whether or not you want smoke flavor on your steak, you definitely want a hot searing temperature for a juicy steak.

The T-bones I cooked tonight were a super simple recipe: Steaks, Montreal seasoning, and a hot grill. I set the pellet grill to 480° and let it pre-heat for about 30 minutes to get the grilling grids nice and hot.

T-bone Steak Pellet Grill

We just purchased a 1/2 of a beef from a local farmer and it just came home from the butcher's shop.  We are trying out some T-bones fresh before they went to the freezer.  These are 3/4" cut, I prefer 1" but the overall steak portions are more manageable with the thinner cuts.  Don't go too heavy on the Montreal seasoning, you can add a little salt later but this seasoning has a lot of pepper.

Searing Steak on a Pellet Grill

My wife started some au gratin potatoes and freshly shucked corn off of the cob while I threw the steaks on the grill.  The grill will put a bit of smoke flavor on the grill, which is nice, but my goal is to cook these steak for about 7-8 minutes each side for a medium doneness. After 5 minutes I turned the steaks 90° for the obligatory cross-hatch pattern and here they are after I flipped them (8 minutes).  I have the quick grilling zone slid open on the Grill to sear the steaks quickly.

T-bone Steak & Potatoes cooked on the Kuma SE

Here is the final product,  a seared T-bone on our  pellet grill in 20 degree weather.  Like I said earlier, a steak done on a gas grill will have a very similar flavor, but I only want 1 grill on my deck and the Grill will sear my steaks as well as slow smoking my St. Louis ribs.

pellet grilled t-bone steak

For me this is the perfect steak: somewhere between medium and medium-rare (about 140° internal temp).