Pizza on the Kuma Platinum SE

At a recent wintertime gathering with lots out-of-town family, we needed something easy, delicious, and filling for our evening meal.  So when we came in from sledding, we powered up the Kuma pellet grill and modified some Papa Murphy’s pizza in a most delicious way.  My sister brought a gourmet vegetarian family sized pizza, I brought some string cheese, and when they were put together and cooked on the grill , it was awesome!  Reminiscent of their favorite brick-oven style restaraunt back home… only better!  …or so I heard from appreciative partakers.  Give it a try- the preparation is simple, the presentation is impressive, and the taste is superb!

First, scoot all the toppings toward the center.  This increases the concentration of toppings in the center, and makes room for something delicious in the crust…

Stuff a take N Bake Pizza Step 1

Next, place string cheese around the perimeter of the pizza about an inch or so from the edge, then fold the crust over the string cheese and tuck it in so it stays put.

Stuff A Take N Bake Pizza At Home

Trim the paper tray so it is just slightly bigger than the pizza.

Stuff A Take N Bake Pizza At Home Step 4

Set your Kuma pellet grill to 480, open the quick grill zone, and preheat your pizza stone for about 15 minutes. Then, slide grill control closed for indirect cooking. Flip the stone over, place the pizza (still on its paper tray) on the stone, and reduce the grill’s temp to 400. Flipping the stone puts the crust side onto the grill-preheated stone side. I recommend a nice hot stone.

Stuff A Take N Bake Pizza At Home Step 4

Finally, cook for 20-28 minutes, rotating stone 180 degrees halfway through the cook time, until the crust is golden brown, top and bottom (use a spatula to check the bottom).  Remove from the grill and let rest for 5 minutes before slicing. Thank you Papa Murphy’s Take-n-Bake. Thank you Premium Pellet Grills. Thank you guy who invented string cheese… Dinner is served.

Stuff A Take N Bake Pizza At Home Step 5