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Upgrade your Kuma Pellet grill with the optional meat probe. The meat probe plugs directly into the front of the grill so you can cook meat to your desired internal temperature.  In addition to checking the temperature, you can set the grill to lower it's temperature and notify you when your meat is done.

If you have the Wi-Fi option, your meat probe temperature can be viewed and adjusted from your smart phone or tablet.

Using your meat probe.

Step 1: Insert the meat probe plug into the input located on the face of the Digital Control Board

Step 2: Insert the probe through the small port hole on the side of the grill and into the thickest part of your meat.

Step 3: Fire up your grill and set your desired cooking temperature just as your normally would.

Step 4: Push the PROBE button so that the ●Meat indicator light is on. Select your desired internal meat temperature by pressing up or down on the Temperature arrows.

Step 5: Closely monitor your meat’s internal temperature by pushing the DISPLAY button so that the ●Actual indicator light is on. When the meat is within 5° internal temperature that you have set, the grill will automatically turn down to 180° and the display will read “dOnE”. If you are going to continue cooking after your meat is done simply unplug the meat probe and select your desired temperature using the temperature arrows. Thoroughly wash your meat probe with warm

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