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Wood Classic (Discontinued)

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The Wood Classic may have limited supply available through your local dealer but we are replacing it with the new more efficient Wood Classic LE.  If you have a Wood Classic, don't sweat, it is an amazing stove and we will provide service and support this product forever! Owner's Manual and Clearance Information can still be found under the "Additional Information" tab below.

The Wood Classic ranks in the top 10 of all stoves for EPA listed BTU output.  And, when compared only to similar non-catalytic stoves, ranks even higher.  The Wood Classic has more than a decade of proven performance under its belt, and a fair amount of that from cold north Idaho winters.  The Wood Classic boasts a number of "ease of use" features that make it a real workhorse stove.  The deep, north-south loading firebox will accept up to a 20" long piece of wood, leaving ample room for the common 18" wood length.  The optional ash pan is sizeable and handy. The real benefit to our "live" ash pan system is the ability to empty the pan first thing in the morning with coals still in the stove.  Other "plug" type systems need the fire to be out.

  • Wood Length: 19"
  • Firebox Size: 2.3 ft3
  • Burn Time: 12 hours
  • Cordwood BTU's: 70,000
  • Efficiency (HHV): 73%
  • Efficiency (LHV): 79%
  • Particulate Emissions: 3.3 g/hr
  • Heating Capacity: 2500 ft2
  • Flue Size: 6"
  • Width: 25"
  • Height with Legs: 30-3/4"
  • Height with Pedestal: 31-3/4"
  • Depth: 25"
  • Weight: 425 lbs
  • Approved for Alcove Installation
  • Ash Pan Option (Pedestal model only)
  • Non-Catalytic Burn System
  • Meets Newest EPA Requirements
  • Washignton State Approved
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Approved for use in Manufactured Homes
  • Optional 125 cfm Blower
  • Outside Air Ready
  • Self-Cleaning Glass

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.  Upon receiving your new Kuma Stove, if you're not completely satisfied with it's quality and appearance, we'll arrange for, and pay the return shipping.  When we receive the stove back, we'll give you a 100% refund, including the original shipping cost.

The top features of every Kuma product are:  Quality, Warranty, and Service.  Kuma is proud to say that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality available.  And, our industry leading warranty is merely an extension of our commitment to quality, and the kind of warranty that should be expected with a first class product.  Finally, our great customer service is based on trust.  When you purchase a Kuma product, you trust it to perform as advertised, and you trust us to give you the customer service that you deserve. That's important to us, and we promise that our products and our service will deliver.

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California Residents: See Prop 65 WARNING

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When purchasing direct from Kuma, consider hiring a certified chimney professional for the installation of your new stove, and be sure to check with your local building officials regarding the necessity for a proper permit and inspection. You can find properly trained installers at nficertified.org or csia.org.

Product Reviews (13)

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Customer Comments

Dustin S.
Hamilton, Mt
Wood Classic
I bought this stove from Bitterroot Stoves about a week ago and couldn't be happier. Kuma had it to the store only two days after I placed the order. It looks and works great! Thanks to the Folks at Kuma and Bitterroot Stoves & Billiards! Good service and quality workmanship are hard to find these days.

Tom Fessenden
Preston ct
Kuma classic
Hi well I’ve had the stove for a year now It’s the best stove we have had over the past 36 years we have had 2 other wood stoves And a wood boiler this stove really burns wood well and puts out lots of heat we are heating a 1400 sq ft cape and most days the entire house is 65 deg some days more

Alan J. Wilson
Boise Idaho
Wood Classic!
This is my 2nd wood stove (first was a top loading porcelain Avalon). Been burning my Kuma for 2 months now and I just don't believe what I have been missing. This is waaay more efficient than my old. I don't have one regret about this stove, simply awesome! So glad I bought this guy. I know why the warranty is so good, the stove just seems bullet proof. I am one satisfied customer!

Chris Kelsey
Battle Ground, WA
Our Kuma Stove
We are near the end of our second winter (Jan 23, 2017) with our Kuma wood stove and we are still loving it. The glass window stays clean during all phases of the burn giving us the idea view. The first and second burns inside produce the most beautiful experience and heat. The fan pumps the heat out into our room quickly keeping us warm during the coldest days of winter and the smoke is nearly invisible but during the early stages of burning. I do not think I can think of a single issue I have with our stove. Thank you Morton's Stoves in Battle Ground and Kuma.

Jim L.

My wife and I are very excited about our new stove. It heats so much more than our old stove. All about Chimneys did a great job removing and installing, then taking the time to give us tips on using it.


Harold B.
Easy to Load

This stove is easier to load and to remove ashes than our older stove. We love the ability to load at night and have a nice warm house in the morning. It is a nice looking stove. The installation guys were great as usual, (they have cleaned and done repairs on the old stove for years). The guys at the shop in Rathdrum were wonderful. Answered all of our questions.


Mark & Molly S.
Love it!

Love our new stove! Thanks!


Amber S.
Amazing Burn Times

Absolutely love our wood classic! Heats our 2000 sq ft home with vaulted ceilings perfectly and has amazing burn times!


Brenda & Scott K.
More than 12 hour burn time

Our Stove is Wonderful, it shuts down like its suppose to and you can see the flame and it doesn't make the window black. More than 12 hours later I still have wood in the stove.


A. Craig O.
Performs very well

This is my first wood stove and I absolutely love it. It is very well built compared to others that I have looked at. This stove seems to be very efficient and puts out a great deal of heat. It fires up quick and burns completely. I have used it as a primary heat source and it has performed very well. I am pleased that it is capable of heating my entire larger home...not just the room it sits in. I wanted a stove with minimal maintenance that I can "fire up and forget about" and this seems to be it. I installed it myself in November, it is now March, and I haven't had to do a thing other than emptying the ash pan regularly and clean the glass occasionally. I probably wouldn't even have to clean the stove pipe or chimney the way it looks. I used a larger pellet stove for the previous two years but it was too expensive to operate as it burned 3 bags per day on high. It also required at least one weekly cleaning which wasn't difficult but my new Wood Classic requires less time and effort to maintain and I get more heat out of it. Thanks for a great product...it's nice to be able to buy something that is still manufactured with quality and integrity in mind.


George & Pat T.
Heats a Large Area

Works great & heats a large area, savings us using as much oil to heat other areas. It will pay for itself in 2 or 3 years, or less


Todd & Tracy D.

We appreciate your craftsmanship! Thanks so much


George T.
Easy to Operate

Installed it myself with my son's help. Replaced a Vermont Castings Encore. Am still breaking the Kuma in but am very impressed with how much more manageable and easier to operate it is than the Vermont Castings was.