Oil Classic (Discontinued)

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Sale Price $2,950.00
Brand: Kuma Stoves
Item Number: K OC

The Oil Classic model is Kuma's original oil stove, and the one that pioneered outside air ready oil stoves.  Heating with oil can still be a good value when the alternatives are expensive propane or other purchased fuels.  However, maximizing efficiency when burning oil is important in order to maintain value and reduce environmental impact.  With the Oil Classic, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you're burning oil at one of the highest efficiencies that any natural draft oil stove offers.

  • Efficiency: 79%
  • Heating Capacity: 1000-3000 ft2
  • Flue Size: 4" or 6"
  • Width: 24"
  • Height: 32"
  • Depth: 24"
  • Weight: 275 lbs
  • No Frills Superior Quality Heating
  • Dual Wall Vaporizing Burner
  • UL Listed for Safety
  • Double Wall Design for low Clearances
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Approved for use in Manufactured Homes
  • 7" 8" or 10" Burn Pot Options
  • Outside Air Ready
  • Burns #1 or #2 Grade Fuels
  • No Electricity Required to Operate
7" Burner 8" Burner  10" Burner 
Fuel Consumption .050-.170 g/hr .065-.250 g/hr .112-.410 g/hr
BTU/Hr Input 5600-23800 9100-35000 16000-58000


The top features of every Kuma product are Quality, Warranty, and Service.  Kuma is proud to say that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality available.  And, our industry-leading warranty is merely an extension of our commitment to quality and the kind of warranty that should be expected with a first-class product. Finally, our great customer service is based on trust.  When you purchase a Kuma product, you trust it to perform as advertised, and you trust us to give you the customer service that you deserve. That's important to us, and we promise that our products and our service will deliver.

Download Owner's Manual

Download Toby Oil Control Handbook

If you don't have a local Kuma dealer, consider hiring a certified chimney professional for the installation of your new stove, and be sure to check with your local building officials regarding the necessity for a proper permit and inspection. You can find properly trained installers at nficertified.org or csia.org.

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Grant & Loretta A.
Slana, Alaska
Amazing stove.
This stove is a beast. Replaced this with a Toyo stove that was loud and could barely keep us warm we decided to try this stove. Zero electricity needed is what we were looking for and this stove landed in our search criteria. Living in slana Alaska we have this set on 3 max. it is so quiet we always have to check and see if its running, which it is always in the winter and 72 degrees in our bedroom its running. Customer service is spot on. Great communication and very caring company when they know you need to keep your family warm. This stove is highly recommended by us.

Kumo stove
Been an amazing stove. Turn it on in September and leave it alone. Third year with this stove. Very pleased so far. It gets -40 here in north pole alaska and this stove will need to be turned up on extremely cold days but generally stays on #3 setting.

Jennifer Garrow
Hogansburg, New York (Upstate New York, right on the Canadien and American borders
Kuma Oil -Classic
We have had our eye on this Kuma-Oil Classic stove ever since we started having trouble with our existing one. Now that we have it and all installed we are very pleased with our purchase. We also were attracted to this stove because it was a family owned business and made in USA. I will for sure recommend this stove to my family and friends. I'd like to thank everyone for all their help and support before and after we purchased it. Especially with our installer Adam Thompson. We love it! Thank you!

Washington state
Great stove
Great stove, bought mine in 2008, keeps us cozy on lowest setting all winter. My son just bought one for his new home this year, 2017. Atta boys at Kuma for building a great product.