Galvanized XL Snow Destroyer KA-TL-GDX

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Lifetime WarrantyDestroy the snow, not your chimney!  The ultimate engineered solution for ribbed metal roofing.  This galvanized steel heavy-duty snow divider protects your chimney from becoming damaged by sliding snow.  See the premium stainless steel versions here!

The Kuma Snow Destroyer is designed to install around the raised ribs that nearly all metal roofs have. Our unique design can be installed perfectly centered above your chimney regardless of the chimney's location or the location of the ribbing on the metal roof. 

Most other snow dividers should come with a hacksaw or a torch because that is what you will be using to try and get it to fit securely above your chimney and if you invest in a flimsy divider you might want to purchase a second chimney to replace the one that gets pulled down by the snow!

Although usually not needed, the universal snow destroyer also installs on composition or shingled roof.  

Designed to protect any vent with an 8" to 14" outside diameter.



  • Galvanized steel
  • 90° formed flanges for added strength
  • 16" tall at the cutting edge
  • 27" wide to divert snow around larger chimneys
  • Engineered for a universal fit on almost all types of metal roofs.
  • Mounting locations for a chimney brace
  • Includes all necessary hardware.
  • Designed to fit both 6" and 8" wood stove chimneys
  • Gas venting
  • pellet venting
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty - Send us you damaged divider and we will replace if for you free of charge!
  • Replacement Warranty does not cover damage to a roof or chimney due to sliding snow.

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