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The Kuma Platinum SE Pellet Grill is simply the best value in USA made pellet grills.  The quality and feature set of the Platinum SE rivals that of other made in USA grills like MAK and Memphis, but at $600 to $800 less. Our unique direct flame cooking is still the easiest of any grill to access and makes searing a breeze. And, your satisfaction is our absolute 1st priority.  That's why we have the "50 days / 50 dollars" guarantee program.  You get a full 50 days from your purchase date to be absolutely sure that you love your new Kuma grill. At the end of the 50 day satisfaction guarantee, if you choose to return your grill, we'll pay the return shipping, give you a 100% refund, and send you a $50 Visa gift card to use towards the next grill of your dreams.

  • Height: 47 inches
  • Width: 62 inches
  • Depth: 26 inches
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • 430 in2 main cooking area
  • 200 in2 included upper grid
  • 5 year warranty on body
  • 2 year warranty on electronics
  • 18 pound hopper capacity
  • Stainless steel cooking grids
  • Quick Grilling Zone for Direct Flame Cooking
  • Double-wall stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel lid and side shelves
  • Hopper Stopper Quick Pellet Change
  • Push Button Digital Control
  • Easy Access Hidden Drip Trays
  • Rear Mounted Pellet Hopper
  • Precise Temperature Controls
  • High Temperature powder coat.

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Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.  Upon receiving your new Kuma Grill, if you're not completely satisfied with it's quality and appearance, we'll arrange for, and pay the return shipping.  When we receive the grill back, we'll give you a 100% refund, including the original shipping cost.  Additionally, our "50 days/50 dollars" guarantee ensures that you have ample time to see that the Platinum SE cooks as good as it looks!  See the description above for more info.


The top features of every Kuma product are:  Quality, Warranty, and Service.  Kuma is proud to say that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality available.  And, our industry leading warranty is merely an extension of our commitment to quality, and the kind of warranty that should be expected with a first class product.  Finally, our great customer service is based on trust.  When you purchase a Kuma product, you trust it to perform as advertised, and you trust us to give you the customer service that you deserve. That's important to us, and we promise that our products and our service will deliver.

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Dave C
Kissimmee, Florida
After a year . . .
I see lots of reviews posted the week someone buys a product, and I think it's too soon for them to have found any negatives. So this is after I used my Kuma grill for a year, and I live in Florida, and cook year-round. It's had a very full year of use prior to this review. First, I've cooked ribs, steaks, roasts, chicken, fish, burgers, veggies, pizzas, desserts, and probably other things I don't remember right now. My favorite feature is the flame-zone. This really does a great job on steaks. They come out looking just like those professionals at Outback Steakhouse give you. (First tip - the Outback Steakhouse steak rub recipe is available as a "copycat" recipe on line - don't know how true to the original its ingredients are, but the taste is the same). I've cooked ribs for 7 hours, and the pellet hopper doesn't even appear to be half empty. So I'm guessing I could go at least 16 hours with no problem. The stainless steel grids are great. I like that the three bottom ones are small enough to go in the dishwasher. (second tip - after a few cooks, pull the grids and the flame-zone cover out, put them in the oven, and run the "oven-clean" cycle. They come out completely clean, even the little crevices and the welds of the cross-bars). I can't comment positive or negative on the hopper feed mechanism that lets you drain pellets and go to another flavor, because I never use it. I like pecan-flavored for everything I cook. The grill maintains temps very close to the set temp. I cook my ribs at 200 and it never varies from that by more than 2 or 3 degrees, except when I open the lid to baste. Temp settings allow as low as 180, but that's not my preferred temp that I use for ribs or other slow-cook items. My previous grill would not go above 375 degrees. When I called the company, they "explained" that it was probably because my pellets had absorbed moisture and were damp. I bought new pellets - and it did not solve the problem! I decided right then that my new grill would absolutely be American-made, no more cheap Chinese for me. And I am extremely glad I made that decision! My new grill will hold 480 steadily. There's even a setting to go higher, but I can't honestly give it a rating comment, because I haven't used that yet. Customer service has been great! "Apple computer" grade service, if you know how outstanding that company's service is. Now the negatives: The only thing I can think of is that I've learned that when I go from a very high temp to a very low temp, I need to leave the lid open until the temp drops to the lower setting. Not doing so may cause the fire to go out in the firebox, and then you've got problems with the auger over-feeding the firebox trying to get the temp back up without a fire, and then the hassle of a re-light. This problem is not a Kuma-only one, since I see on pellet grill websites than numerous other grills have this problem, and I suspect they all do! But if you are searing the outside of a roast at 480 degrees to seal in the juices, and then want to drop to 250 for a slow-cook, you absolutely need to open the lid to drop the temp to 250 quickly! I love the disposable collection containers for the oil-collection, especially when doing a turkey or something that drips a lot of oil. My old grill had a butt-ugly bucket that hung on the side and it did not help to decorate my patio! Overall, I need to say that this is the greatest grill I've ever owned, and my history is replete with many grills, (mostly charcoal, including the big Egg, hibachis, webers, and portables.) Gas grill - only once did I make that mistake. No flavor, might as well cook inside on the stove! Bottom line is that this is just plain an outstanding grill.

Coeur d'Alene ID
If you are looking for a premium pellet grill this is probably the one
I have owned 3 prior pellet grills and this is by far the best I have owned The other less expensive grills each lasted about 1.5 years until the fire boxes failed. I'm sure I would have been ahead from a cost situation to have just purchased a better quality grill to begin with. I researched various grill for months before buying another one and I'm very pleased with the grill in terms of price to quality. Double walled construction for the fire box is a big deal especially if you live in a colder climate. The grill comes up to temperature faster and remains stable even in cold windy weather resulting in a better smoke. The searing zone is small but actually works, which is really unusual, even for the high end pellet grills. It was relatively easy to assemble ( watch the video), and the customer support has been amazing. Tim went way above and beyond to ensure I was pleased with my purchase. The control unit has is accurate , versatile and easy to understand and use. With proper maintenance, I'm sure this grill will last many years.

Gene G.
Maryville TN
Great grill - amazing customer service
The grill is made extremely well and assembles with ease. The quality is evident in all components and the performance is amazing. Jason in customer service is a joy to work with and we managed to correct some issues with providers of services not directly under Kuma control. He was persistent in helping me with the outside vendors and made the effort easy. Great grill - great customer service buy one and get cooking!

Jim S
Monticello, Minnesota
Great Product
This is an incredible grill and company to work with!! I was looking for a new grill and had even started to ordered one from another manufacture. Then I stumble across this one and checked out the reviews on it and looked more into it because I wanted a high quality grill that would last for years to come. And this one is built with quality and the craftsmanship put into this grill is excellent. I ordered it and have now been using it almost everyday and all I can say is WOW!! I can now grill, sear steaks, burgers, dogs, etc., slow cook, smoke all with the great flavor of wood cooking. I had a couple issues and the customer service and family that own this company are incredible people to work with. I would highly recommend people that are looking for a high quality grill to look no further than Kuma Stoves. You will never regret it.

Glen H

The amount of thought invested in the design of this grill - smoker - Bar B Que is remarkable!  The materials used in the fabrication of the unit are obviously superior.